Essential Oils, Tapping and Prayer: How I Am Coping With Grief

by Aiyana Fraley

Hello friends! Oh my goodness it has been a while since I last posted here. I have had a few life changes come my way this year. The most significant one was the passing of my mom about a month ago. I was very close to her. She was my mom and my friend. We had a relationship that was cultivated over years through many mother-daughter trials. I love her dearly and it hurts to not have her physical presence with me. We spoke everyday many times more than once.

Needless to say she was a big positive influence in my life and that of my family. My daughter adored her, she was her Titi. Zoe’s name is the English version of my mom’s name Zoila, which means life.  She led an amazing life and has left a legacy of love and inspiration for me and Zoe to follow.

I have leaned on my spiritual practice for support and healing during this time. I am meditating daily, talking to her, journaling and of course using my oils. Oils are so comforting in times of grief. The one oil that has been in my purse since this happened is geranium, and for many reasons. It was one of my mom’s favorites so wearing it reminds me of her and also because its sweet and floral aroma are so healing for my heart right now.

My Grief Healing Practice Using Essential Oils and Tapping

I apply a drop of geranium to the center of my chest at a point known as the Dan Zhong or CV17. It is where the nipple line meets the center of the chest. This point helps improve the flow of Qi (energy) in the chest. It is a powerful point because it influences the flow of Qi in the body. On this point, I make circular motions with a drop of essential oil using my index finger. I tap it several times until I feel this area has awakened energetically. I then say my prayers, which usually start with, “Thank you Spirit for…” You can also say affirmations specifically to what you’re working through. For instance, My heart receives love freely and effortlessly. 

Writing after this exercise is deeply therapeutic too. There are so many emotions that need to surface with grief, as I have come to find out. As a lightworker, I am aware of them and I am making the space for these emotions to safely be felt and released. Console is a doTERRA blend that also works for grief and healing the heart. I use this one more at night because it also helps with sleep.

Learning From Grief

My intention with sharing this personal experience is not for you to feel sad for me, please don’t. Death is as much part of life as birth and I understand this. My mom has given me many signs she is with me and psychically her passing has been third-eye opening. I miss her, yes, absolutely and without a doubt. But here starts a new relationship, one where I experience her presence from a different realm. This is a photo of my sister, me and my mom with our big sunglasses. I took this selfie when I was about nine months pregnant with Zoe. 

To all of you experiencing grief, my heart is with you. I invite you to try my grieving practice or give yourself permission to create something totally new that speaks to your heart and process. There is no wrong way to grieve. As always, sending out waves of light and reiki vibes. 

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