Guided Distance Reiki Session

by Aiyana Fraley
Long distance reiki session

20-Minute Audio Meditation

Welcome to this distance reiki healing session. My name is Aiyana and I am a reiki master teacher, kundalini instructor and meditation facilitator.

In this audio track, I will guide you through a distance reiki session. You will experience deep relaxation and stress relief. Through distance reiki, I will channel Universal Life Force Energy to remove physical, mental, emotional and spiritual toxins from your body and aura.

Before we start, say aloud or to yourself that you are open to receiving reiki in this session and of letting go of what no longer serves your highest good.

You can include a personal prayer, blessing or intention at this time for your healing session. I recommend that you find a quiet place to lay down. Play this audio track on your headphones if possible or on a speaker with clear sound. It is important that you are free from distraction during this session, as I will be channeling energy for you through time and space.

The intention of this session is to balance your energy and remove negativity from your chakras and auric field. I will begin the session by working on your chakra centers beginning with the crown chakra and working my way to your root chakra. I will say I AM affirmations at each chakra center to empower your subconscious mind to align with your higher self.

Thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoy this distance reiki session.



Guided Long Distance Reiki Meditation (Transcript)

I am going to begin this session by connecting with your energy field. Make sure you are comfortable, lying on your back with your eyes closed. Take three deep breaths, inhaling from the nose and exhaling from the mouth.

My hands are connecting with your aura and I am moving them down from the top of your head, over your forehead, your face, your neck, shoulders, chest, rib cage, abdomen, navel, hips, legs, over your knees, shins, ankles, top of your feet, toes.

I am back at the top of your head with my hands hovering over your crown chakra. A rich violet and white color is illuminating from your crown creating a beautiful halo. The halo becomes wider and wider as your spirit guides and divine connection grow stronger, right here and now.

I am connected to spirit.

I understand.

I am light.

I am love.

I am the grace in all things.

I am oneness.

I am pure awareness.

I am peace.

I am protected and loved by the divine.

I am all that is.

I am connected to divine source.

Divine Source resides in me.

I trust spirit.

I love and accept myself for who I am.

I am healed on all levels of my being.

My hands now move over your forehead covering your third eye center, your eyes and cheeks.

Your inner awareness opens and an indigo color is reflected from the center of your forehead where your third eye resides. Imagine a large figure eight in front of you, large enough to cover your entire body. Begin to trace it across your body. This is the sign of infinity. It connects you to the infinite boundless world you are a part of. Your intuition and psychic centers are completely open to receive messages from your divine source. All you need to do is ask.

I am open to receive.

I see clearly my path.

I have clarity in my thoughts.

My intuition guides me daily.

I trust in my inner wisdom.

I am a creative being.

I am in harmony with life.

My hands move outward to cover each ear.

I am a good listener.

I hear things with clarity.

I understand.

My hands move over your shoulders. Feel the shoulders beginning to feel lighter and lighter. All tension in this area is released. You are unburdened by any worrisome situations that once weighed you down.

My hands come toward each other covering your throat and neck. A blue color illuminates this area. Blocks in your communication are being removed from your cellular memory. Your communication with others is strong. You speak your truth with ease. Your words and actions are kind and compassionate. You express love. You respect and value others.

My voice is heard.

I speak my truth.

I express myself with ease.

I express myself with confidence.

I communicate effectively.

My hands move over the heart center. The color illuminating from your chest is green and pink. It represents the balance of divine feminine and masculine; the yin and yang energies in perfect harmony.

Your heart is open to receive love and accept love. Pain in this area is lifted and removed. Feel light and openness as reiki fills your heart.

I move to the right side of your body holding your right hand in my hands. Reiki flows through your hand removing an blocks and stagnant energy residing in your fingers, palm, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm and chest. Feel reiki enter your right palm.

I move to your left side and hold your left hand in my hands. Reiki flows through your hand removing an blocks and stagnant energy residing in your fingers, palms, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm and chest. Feel reiki enter your left palm.

I am open to receive and give love.

I love unconditionally.

I forgive myself and others.

Love is my truth.

I am grateful for my blessings.

My hands now move over your solar plexus center. The color radiating from your solar plexus is a bright yellow light. It emits confidence, will power, joy and motivation. Your inner fire is strong and powerful.

I am creative force.

I am confident with who I am.

I am free from limiting beliefs.

I am deserving.

I release judgement of myself and others.

I embody inner peace.

My hands move over your lower abdomen near your navel center. A joyful orange color emits from your sacral chakra. You are filled with vitality, passion and creativity. Negative experiences from your past are removed. You are free to express yourself and to dream.

I am emotionally balanced.

I am abundant.

I am deserving of others.

I love my body.

My hands move down over your pelvis and hover over your root center. Feel a warm and comforting energy in your hips and feel it moving down your legs to your knees, ankles and all the way down into your feet. Insecurities with finances, home and family are removed. You are balanced and grounded.

I am secure.

I am abundant.

All of my needs are taken care of.

I am safe and protected.

I am supported.

I am healthy.

I enjoy life.

I move back to the top of your head and place my hands over your face. I am moving them down your body towards your feet combing your aura.

I place my hands on your shoulders and lightly brush your body with my fingertips moving all the way down toward your feet.

My hands are now holding your feet. Feel your feet firmly anchored into the earth like a strong tree. Begin to bring your awareness back to your body. Feel your toes and finger tips. Feel the weight of your body. Begin to return to awareness. Take your time and allow yourself to come back slowly.

Your distance reiki session is complete. You are completely supported and nourished in every way.

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