Thai Massage FAQs

by Aiyana Fraley
Thai Massage FAQs


Thai Massage

My name is Aiyana Fraley and I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1999. I specialize in Thai massage and reiki healing. Over the years, I have studied many different massage modalities and have found that a therapeutic touch with a spiritual approach to massage has been the most beneficial to my clients and myself as a practitioner. I have devoted many years to the study of meditation and energy healing and discovered that many of our physical complaints stem from an energetic imbalance. Thai massage addresses this in a unique style that combines the spiritual and energetic aspects of our body with therapeutic touch. This is why I was drawn to study it and offer it as a service. Many clients experience an opening and lightness after a session that is distinct to Thai massage. This frequently asked question section helps you understand what the benefits of Thai massage are and what to expect from a session.

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage is a sacred form of bodywork that incorporates acupressure massage, gentle stretching, energy healing and yogic principles. It is referred to as the lazy man’s yoga. It is much like receiving a massage and taking a yoga class at the same time. Most clients feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a session.

How long is a Thai massage?

Sessions range from 60 to 90 minutes. It is recommended that your first session be scheduled for 90 minutes to allow to a thorough massage and stretch. Following massages can be 60 minutes.

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

Thai massage increases flexibility, reduces tension, improves sleep, alleviates pain causes by arthritis, increases circulation, improves digestion, rejuvenates the body, alleviates headaches and promotes stress relief.

What should I expect in a session?

You can choose to have your Thai massage on a mat on the floor or a massage table. Choose the one you are most comfortable with. There is no oil used and you will be fully clothed so wear comfortable clothes. Unlike most massages where the massage therapist does the work, in Thai massage you’re participating in the session by working with the therapist during various stretches and positions.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that can stretch easily. For example, a t-shirt and leggings or sweats. I recommend wearing a long sleeves shirt and pants so that you remain comfortable during the session.

Is it safe for pregnancy?

Pregnant women can get a massage after the first trimester or with approval from your doctor. The massage will be modified for pregnancy in a sideline and seated position. The stretches and pressure will not be as deep.

How is Thai massage different from a Swedish or deep tissue massage?

There is no lotion or oil used in Thai massage, you are fully clothed and expected to participate in the massage during various stretches. The massage techniques used in a Thai massage are compressions, stretching and gentle rocking.

Can I Have Thai massage if I am not flexible?

Yes, absolutely. Flexibility is not required. In fact, a Thai massage will not only feel great it will help increase your flexibility and mobility. Be open to expressing your level of comfort in a stretch to ensure it does not go too far.

How long before and after the massage can I eat?

You will want to eat at least 1-2 hours before your Thai massage. There will be a lot of movement, stretching and massage and you don’t want to feel full or be digesting food as it will feel uncomfortable. Wait at least an hour after the session to have a meal. Instead drink water to keep your body hydrated. Drinking tea after a massage is a tradition and helps to ground your energy.

How often should I get a Thai massage?

It depends on your body. If you are dealing with pain and discomfort in different areas of your body, you may want to consider weekly massages until they are gone and you can go into maintenance mode. For those without any physical pain, it is recommended to get a massage once a month. It is easier to prevent a problem than to cure it. Having regular monthly massages supports a healthy immune and nervous system, proper sleep and overall well-being.

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