Reiki Healing

by Aiyana Fraley
Reiki Healing

About A Reiki Session

What is Reiki?

Reiki is energy channeled through the laying of hands on the body. It promotes relaxation, stress relief, and harmony between mind, body and spirit.

What to Expect From a Reiki Session

My reiki sessions are done with the client lying face up on a massage table. In some cases, I offer reiki to the receiver in sitting position if they are unable to lay on the massage table due to a disability or other reason. Since reiki involves the use of energy and light touch, clients are fully clothed during the session.

I start the session by  scanning the client’s aura with my hands tuning into any blockages or stagnant energy and open myself up to receive intuitive guidance. I place my hands on different areas of the body including the feet, head, stomach, shoulders and hands. Clients typically feel warmth from my hands, deep relaxation, and can fall into a conscious sleep state that is often experienced in meditation. I channel reiki from source energy.

It is important to know that I am not providing the healing, but only acting as a vessel for the healing to occur in the client. Reiki energy will go wherever it is needed in the body. I work with crystals and aromatherapy to assist me with balancing the chakras and energy in clients. A reiki session can range from 45 to 90 minutes. Although reiki and differ from person to person, clients usually feel a sense of calm and surrender after a session.

Benefits of Reiki

Deep Relaxation
Reduces Stress
Aligns Chakras
Improved Sense of Self
Promotes Self Healing
Assists in Increase Intuitive Awareness
Improves Mental Clarity and Focus
Helps with Emotional Release
Aids in Sleep
Helps Increase Energy
Assists the Body in Releasing Toxins

Reiki Aftercare

A reiki session shifts energy within the body and allows for self-healing to occur. After a session, you may experience detoxification either physical, emotional or mental. This is part of the process of reiki. It is important to nurture yourself and allow for the healing to take place. The symptoms may heighten before you start to feel better and at ease, this is common and expected as the reiki initiates a cleansing process in the receiver. Some of the more common symptoms experienced after reiki include:

Emotional Release
Feeling Cold or Warm

Important Aftercare Instructions

Drink Plenty of Water – 6-8 Glasses a Day
Eat Fruits and Vegetables
Avoid Processed Foods like Cereal, Pasta, Breads, Crackers, Cookies etc.
Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol
Reduce Refined Sugar Intake
Get Restful Sleep
Meditate for 5 to 20 Minutes a Day
Write in a Journal What You Are Experience
Journal Your Dreams
Avoid Strenuous Activity, Loud Music, and Watching Violent or Argumentative Shows or Movies on TV for 3-5 Days

Who Can Receive Reiki

Since reiki is subtle energy channeled from our Higher Power, it can be done on anyone no matter the condition or age of the person. Pregnant women are able to receive reiki, as well as babies, pets, people with illnesses and seniors.


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