How To Prepare For Your Reiki Attunement & Training

by Aiyana Fraley
How To Prepare For Your Reiki Attunement & Training


You’ve made the decision to enroll in reiki training and start your self-healing journey using reiki energy. Congrats! This is a big step and the start of an amazing relationship you will make with your higher self. A significant part of your training will include an attunement. If you’re wondering, what to expect from your upcoming reiki attunement let me explain.  

A reiki attunement will clear energetic blockages and allow for energy to flow through your body promoting physical, mental and emotional healing.

Each level of reiki includes an attunement where you’ll receive a deeper level of healing and access to reiki energy. A reiki attunement is a ceremony that initiates you into the healing system of reiki. It opens you up to energy you’ve had all along and reconnects you to the Universal Life Force that dwells within you.

It is the start of a spiritual path in which you can channel reiki energy to heal yourself and others, and in doing so you expand your own aura. The ceremony also marks the acknowledgement that you accept this healing and are committed to working on raising your own vibration.

Below are some tips that will help prepare your mind, body and soul for your attunement.

Instructions on Preparing For Your Reiki Attunement

To help you prepare for your attunement, avoid the following three days prior to your training.

  1. Eliminate or greatly reduce your intake of meat and dairy. The reason behind this is animal products take more energy for our bodies to digest and when practicing healing we want our body’s energy to be fully available for channeling. For this reason, many lightworkers choose to have a sattvic diet, also called the yogic diet.
  2. Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol affects the nervous system and should be avoided.
  3. Reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke, if you are a smoker. This will help your body be in a healthier state for spiritual work and cleansing.
  4. Avoid excessive stimulation from television, internet and smartphones.
  5. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of caffeine as this affects your nervous system.  
  6. Do not engage in activities that deplete your energy. You will know best what these activities are for you.

Try doing the following activities to improve your experience the day of your training. Begin three to five days prior.

  1. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. You will be surprised how much energy you will use the day of your training. Stay hydrated to keep yourself feeling balanced.
  2. If you are on medications prescribed by your doctor, continue to take them.
  3. Eat whole plant-based foods. Whole foods offer the highest amount of energy and nutrients for your body. They are also high in vibrational energy making it ideal for energy work.
  4. Mediate. Find 5-20 minutes each day to meditate in silence and be in nature.
  5. Get restful sleep. Sleeping well will help reduce fatigue and tiredness allowing you to have energy and be fully present for your attunement.
  6. Eat a healthy breakfast the day of your training. You’ll have a big day ahead of you and will need the energy.

Your attunement is the beginning of a 21-day spiritual cleanse. During this time, you may have emotional releases from laughter and crying to feelings of anger and frustration. The emotions you may experience will vary depending on what you need to release. The effects may also be more subtle. Know that no matter what you experience, it is all part of the process of self healing.

Be gentle with yourself and do activities that recharge your energy and nourish your body. For instance, take hot baths with essential oils, get a massage or reflexology treatment, pamper yourself with a mud wrap or spend the day at the beach or park. This is a time to reflect and surrender. Embrace the process.

The door for reiki healing to take place will soon open and with it comes peace, abundance, health and happiness.

Welcome to the path of a lightworker!