Reiki Master Level Course Outline

by Aiyana Fraley
Reiki Master Level Course Outline

About Master Level Reiki Training

The master level reiki training teaches students how to perform attunements for level 1, 2 and master level courses. Students will gain a deep understanding of the reiki healing system and develop confidence in attuning others. Master level attunement and group meditation will guide students into the higher levels of consciousness available to healers. Gain practical hands-on experience leading reiki trainings, circles and classes.


What You’ll Learn Materials Included
  1. Receive master level attunement
  2. How to give attunements
  3. Master Reiki Symbol
  1. Connecting to reiki guides
  2. Meditation instructions
  3. Master level certificate


Course Outline

Topics for this training include:

  • Reiki master attunement
  • Master symbol
  • Group reiki meditation
  • Crystals & reiki crystal grid
  • Working with reiki guides
  • How to give reiki level 1, 2 and master level attunement
  • Hands-on practice on giving attunements for all levels
  • Building community through reiki circles
  • Closing meditation


Reiki Attunement

During the attunement, life force energy in the form of higher consciousness attunes the students chakras and energetic field in order to create the vessel for which reiki will channel through the student. When the student receives an attunement, their energy field expands allowing them to tap into a deeper spiritual awareness within themselves.

Reiki self healing will continue to occur after the attunement. Perform daily gassho meditation and self reiki for the next 21 days. These exercises will assist you with your spiritual cleanse, developing intuition and prepare you to channel reiki healing.


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