Yoga Life Coaching

yoga life coaching

Yoga life coaching is a series of private yoga classes with the emphasis on developing a deeper understanding with yourself. It’s practicing yoga and developing a spiritual practice with someone who has done it.

This program is for those seeking to use kundalini yoga technology to live a more purposeful life. If you are experiencing a life transition like a change in career, relationship or other aspect of your life, this program can help.

Yoga life coaching provides you with one-on-one support with me, an experienced yoga instructor and reiki healer. I will teach you empowering yoga tools to help you align with your purpose and awaken your creativity. This program includes yoga pranayama, meditation, journaling, developing gratitude, kundalini practice, altar building, and emotional balancing with essential oils.

You will learn how to:

  • Align with your higher self
  • Create sacred space
  • Use mantras for self empowerment and healing
  • Develop a daily yoga practice that fits your lifestyle
  • Turn weakness into strengths using transformational yoga tools
  • Balance your emotions and chakras

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