COVID-19, A Catalyst for Inner Healing and Wisdom

by Aiyana Fraley
Aiyana Fraley Reiki, Massage and Yoga Instructor

The global COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many of our fears and our deepest anxieties as a society and as individuals. I am a longtime meditator, an introspector of the Self, and I have been rattled by the scare of this virus. The people dying, the politicians arguing, people losing their jobs, and families and small businesses unsure how they will make ends meet. It’s enough to put us all in a panic. But don’t let it. This is what a shift looks like on a global scale. We have an opportunity to evolve in our consciousness, in our awareness of ourselves, and our place in the world through this pandemic. Evolving into a higher state of being is uncomfortable. It can and has brought up a a great deal of emotions we need to deal with and release in order to align with the the universal thought and frequency of one planet, one consciousness. If we do this right, we will all be better for it.

What’s ComeUp For Me

All the free time I have had in the last week and a half has allowed me to reexamine the areas in my life that were not bringing me joy. The simple things in my day to day routine have been playful in nature and imaginative. It helps that I have a toddler leading me in this direction. I have felt an immense amount of joy from being with my family all these days. I neglected uninterrupted family time for too long because of work and other obligations. This repose was needed for me to open, heal and grow.

My mind and body’s ability to adapt to social distancing has been another area that has come up for a deeper look. I am finding that the parts of me that I thought were fixed in one view are being stretched farther. And unlike other times where resistance would put up a fight before letting go, I am bending and flowing with the change like never before. It is awe-inspiring for me to see this seed of hope beginning to blossom into creative ideas that would allow my heart-centered approach to healing extend beyond what my mind was capable of seeing before.

Time for Inner Work

The distractions of everyday life are eliminated when we spend time alone. Social media, the news and the interactions with people and places that stress us out are no longer a factor. We are left with ourselves and this time out gives us the inner space to see what is truly going on under the hood. To see, feel and hear the guidance of our higher selves.

There may be an urge to be busy because it is engrained in our culture that being busy is a good thing. And to some degree it is. We can be productive when we are busy, however, we can also be busy with worried thoughts about the future and spending too many hours online or hooked on the media to feel busy. This is wasted time. I’d rather use this opportunity in quarantine to take a break and do the inner work. There is no work more important than the one we do on ourselves.

I am flowing in this space of creative expansion and here is where I will remain focused. Because here is where I AM connecting and forging new paths to express the divine consciousness moving through me. I invite you to take a moment to reexamine the areas of you that are being stretched, pushed, swayed and pulled in different directions and feel what it brings up in you. What areas in your life have you been neglecting? Where can you let go? Where is the resistance and how can you move through it?

I believe that every obstacle, and in this case COVID-19, is a teacher for us. Let’s go inward and see what we can learn about ourselves from this. We are all capable of overcoming this. Our body’s are resilient and our minds are adaptable. The inner work you do during this time will assist in the vibrations of the whole planet evolving.

I invite you to join me and other lightworkers in meditating at two times during the day to bring support for us all to heal and grow from this pandemic. The times are 11:11am and 11:11pm. Why 11:11? This is an auspicious number that serves as a wake up call for higher living. It offers angelic protection and guidance, and is a number for manifestation. Join me in meditating at 11:11 twice a day to heal the planet.

Prayer for Global Healing

I offer you this blessing in return.

I call upon the I AM presence to illuminate and uplift every person, animal, and plant on Earth. 

Arc Angels and guardians of our planet surround us with light and open our hearts to the healing we need at this time.

Fill our hearts with divine love and let our intentions be pure and aligned with the frequency of One Consciousness. 

Allow our hearts to express peace and for us all to be united through our intentions.

With love and light,

Aiyana Bhagti Seva Kaur

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