Reiki & Kundalini Inspired Morning Ritual For Empowerment

by Aiyana Fraley

Everyday is a new opportunity for us to live the life we want. It is an opportunity to live more positively, eat healthier and do things that empower us rather than deplete our energy. If yesterday was not great, if it was a meh day, if it was a day that we sulked in what was wrong with our lives rather than see the blessings we have, it is time to shake things up.

I made major changes to my life several years ago and it started with creating positive rituals that kick started my day and put me in the right mindset to be productive, happy and healthy.

Rituals are habits or a series of actions we take daily. If our daily rituals are complaining about our lives, eating unhealthy foods and not moving our bodies, our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies will suffer. On the other hand, positive rituals like waking up early, exercising, and meditating will empower us.

I’m sharing with you a morning ritual for empowerment that works. It will energize your mind and body, as well as invigorate your spirit with positive thinking and self-loving actions. This morning ritual is inspired by my personal kundalini yoga and reiki healing practice.

Altogether it should take about an hour to 90 minutes to do. If you are pressed for time, do what you can. But I encourage you to do all the steps even for a shorter period of time. You’re worth it. Use your morning to honor yourself and give yourself the love and attention you need to be the best version of you today.

Morning Ritual For Empowerment

Follow these steps to have an amazing day.

1. Wake Up Early

Start your day off early. Set your alarm to somewhere between 4 and 5 a.m. Why so early? In kundalini yoga, we call the two and half hours before the sun rises the amrit vela or the ambrosial hours of the day. It is the time of day that is most serene. The pranic energy of the earth is heightened. Aside from the spiritual benefits, waking up early increases our productivity, creates a positive routine, helps us manage our sleep routines and kicks starts us into proactive living rather than reactive living.

2. Take A Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower is the most invigorating way to wake up your body and senses. It’s a hydrotherapy technique that strengthens our will power, awakens our energy and senses and detoxifies our body. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, within a couple of minutes or less our body temperature will adjust to the cold and it won’t feel as cold or uncomfortable. Instead we will experience increased alertness, increased blood flow and increase oxygen to our cells.

The cold water stimulates our body’s natural response to keep warm increasing blood to our cells and oxygen in the process. This creates increased focus and alertness. It also keeps our skin looking youthful by tightening the pores and soothes our nervous system. In a 2014 study, cold showers were also found to boost our fat metabolism. With so many benefits, you don’t want to skip this step.

Your cold shower doesn’t have to be long; 10-15 minutes is more than enough. You can change the temperature of the water after your body has adjusted and the initial shock of the cold water has passed.

3. Self-Love: Reiki & Gassho Meditation

Following a cold shower, it’s time to center ourselves with a meditation. This calms the mind and turns on our internal antennas so that we can detect what needs our attention in terms of our physical health and mental and emotional state.  It also give us time to send ourselves love and healing energy. Start with gassho meditation then send universal life force energy to yourself in a 10-15 minute reiki self-treatment. If you’re not attuned to reiki, send yourself love by placing your hands over your heart.

4. Exercise: Kriya for Morning Sadhana

Now that our mind is calm, let’s work on powering up our body. In kundalini yoga we practice kriyas to balance our chakras and move energy throughout our body and auric field. A simple and effective morning exercise we can do to get our blood and energy flowing is the Kriya For Morning Sadhana. A kriya is a set of yoga poses and breathing exercises. Sadhana simply means a daily personal practice we do to enrich our lives. Whether you choose to do the kriya I am suggesting or another physical exercise, you want to move your body. The more you move your body the more you move your energy and are able to shift your consciousness and mood. This Kriya For Morning Sadhana Video takes you through the exercise step-by-step and is about 45 minutes long.  You can also print out the Morning Sadhana kriya by 3HO, which gives you instructions on how to do it.

5. Practice Gratitude

Taking a moment to give thanks for what we have creates a positive attitude and brings more abundance to our lives. It’s the law of attraction in motion. Write down what you are grateful for if that helps you see all the blessings in your life or say them out loud in your meditation. The more we focus our attention on what we are thankful for the more we attract things to be thankful for. If we live our lives complaining, we will have more to complain about tomorrow. Shift your mind into gratitude mode and your life will start to improve.

6. Visualize Your Day

Visualization is another law of attraction tool that helps us manifest the life we want. Spending a few minutes a day visualizing how we want our day to go allows us to be co-creators with the universe. If we can visualize our lives expanding, see more happiness, health and money, we will be able to see those opportunities when they are presented to us and be in the right mindset to act on them.  

Starting a new routine can have it’s challenges, but keep at it and slowly this morning empowerment ritual will seem effortless and you’ll start to look forward to it. It may even become the best part of your day.

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