Simple Floor Cleaner Using Essential Oils: Homemade, Only 3 Ingredients

by Aiyana Fraley
Essential Oil Floor Cleaner Recipe

I struggled with finding the right floor cleaner for years. I am very sensitive to fragrances and go into a sneezing fit if the fragrance in a cleaning product, shampoo, conditioner, lotion or other personal product is too strong.

These products often have chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens and phthalates that can trigger allergic reactions. Despite how sensitive I am to fragrances, I have never had a sneezing fit or negative reaction to essential oils. When I started working with essential oils, I tried many recipes to use as a household cleaner and found one in particular that cleans my floors like magic. I don’t have to worry about allergies when cleaning my floors anymore.

This floor cleaner leaves my floor spotless and my home smelling amazing. It is safe and effective to use on tile floors, wood floors and vinyl and laminate flooring. This recipe requires only three ingredients, it is environmentally friendly, and safe for your floors, family and pets. It is also is really low cost pricing out at cents on the dollar compared to commercial cleaners we can find at the grocery store.

Choose Your Essential Oil

For this recipe, you’ll want to pick your essential oil based on what you need. I more often than not use lemongrass or lemon in my mop bucket to clean my floors, but every now and then I change it up to get the energy moving in my home by trying a different combination. Lemon oil has excellent cleaning and disinfecting properties that make it a great choice for floor cleaning.

One I love is wild orange and peppermint because it gives the house an immediate mood lift. The citrus aroma from the wild orange and refreshing smell of peppermint boosts the happiness factor in my home instantaneously and I get plenty of compliments when friends and family walk in after I have recently cleaned with this combo.

  • Lemon – disinfectant, removes bad odor
  • Melaleuca – cleanses and disinfects
  • Lemongrass – removes negativity in the air, cleanses
  • Orange – uplifting aroma, removes dirt, grime, bad odor, cleanses
  • Peppermint – refreshing

Essential Oil Floor Cleaner Recipe

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  • 10-15 drops lemon essential oil*
  • Bucket of warm water
  • 2 cups white vinegar


Add all ingredients into a bucket of water.

Mix and use.


*Option to use lemongrass, melaleuca, wild orange, peppermint or Purify essential oil instead of lemon. Use warm water in mop bucket because it helps lifts dirt and grime better.


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