Private Kundalini Yoga

by Aiyana Fraley
Private Kundalini Yoga

“The Power of Kundalini Yoga lies in the actual experience. It goes right into your heart and extends your consciousness so you may have a wider horizon of grace and of knowing the truth. Ultimately you come to understand your existence in relationship to the universe and understand you already are, and this brings you to the practical experience of Infinity. You can then radiate creativity and Infinity in all aspects of your daily life.” ~ Yoga Bhajan

Private kundalini yoga is customized to your needs. It provides you with one-on-one instruction that is ideal for:

  • Busy individuals whose schedules are not ideal to make group classes at studios.
  • Learning the basic techniques and mantras of kundalini yoga that will give you the confidence to take a regular class.
  • Learning kundalini yoga at your own pace.
  • Developing a personal kundalini yoga practice.
  • Deepening your spiritually and connection with the Universe.
  • Developing tools to live happy, healthy and abundantly.

Private kundalini yoga classes start at $120 per session. Each session is 90 minutes long and covers mantras, kriya and meditation. A private class is tailored to your needs and goals. Let’s start working together to develop a program for you.

Fill out this Private Yoga Therapy Form and bring it with you to your first class.

To book a private session email or call 727-657-9064.

Have more questions about kundalini yoga? Read Kundalini Yoga FAQs and Guidelines To Starting A Kundalini Yoga Practice.