Private Yoga

by Aiyana Fraley
Private Yoga

Why Choose Private Yoga

Deepen Your Practice, Rehab an Injury, Reach Your Goals Faster

Do you prefer to practice at home with one-on-one instruction?  Are you recovering from an injury? Do you have physical limitations?  Do you want a coach to help you achieve your goals faster? Private yoga is the best option for you.

No one person’s yoga practice is the same. Ancient yoga teachers knew this and so they shared their knowledge with students on a one-on-one basis. While today’s group classes support community and are affordable, I offer private yoga lessons to students who need more individualized attention and guidance. The style of yoga I teach is yin based yoga and restorative. I personalize private yoga instruction to help you reach your goals in a safe and comfortable environment.

What to Expect From a Private Yoga Class

I customize each one-on-one yoga class to your specific goals and limitations. I’ll teach you the fundamentals of yoga asanas and meditation at your pace. You’ll learn modifications for your body using props and proper alignment. Together, we’ll build your confidence, flexibility and strength. Classes are tailored to your individual needs and can incorporate restorative yoga, vinyasa and balancing postures. Reach your fitness goals faster and in the comfort of your own home or office.

Private yoga lessons are an excellent way for you to:

  • Enjoy your first yoga experience with confidence in the comfort of your home or the studio.
  • Develop your body awareness and improve alignment, posture and balance.
  • Learn how to use props in your practice.
  • Learn modifications specific to your body.
  • Connect your mind, body and breathe in your practice.
  • Relax and relieve stress.
  • Improve strength and flexibility.
  • Get one-on-one assistance on challenging poses.
  • Heal from an injury faster with appropriate yoga postures.

Let’s work together to reach your goals!
Email me at for more information and to schedule your session.


$120 Individual Session

$85 Semi Private – You Plus 1-2 Friends, Co-Workers, Family

Private Group Class (Call For Details)

Download Private Yoga Therapy Form and bring it with you on your first session.

Cancellation Policy

Please respect the 24-hour cancellation policy to avoid being charged.


These are the most commonly asked questions about private yoga classes.

Who Is Private Yoga For?

A beginner, someone with an old injury or needing poses to be broken down to get to the next level. If you have questions about poses and want to learn modifications or perhaps you want to learn more about the spiritual aspect of yoga, a private class offers you the space for that. I tailor classes to fit your needs and make easy for you to understand.

I’m not flexible, can I still do yoga?

Yes, absolutely! Practicing yoga helps increase your flexibility and strength. Contrary to what we often see in magazines, yoga is designed for people who can’t touch their toes, who want to improve their balance, and strengthen their bodies. It’s for you.

Where Are Private Yoga Classes Offered?

I offer private yoga in the comfort of your home or office and provide all the necessary props. I will work with you to make sure your needs are met and you are able to fully benefit from your class.

How Much Are Private Classes?

The cost depends on where you are located and the amount of customization needed for your class. I start the pricing at $65 per hour and offer discounted rates for private class packages.

Can I have a private class on meditation and mantra?

Absolutely! I love teaching meditation and even more so when a student reaches that level in their practice that they are ready to incorporate it into their daily routine. With a private class, I can teach you how to meditate, different meditation techniques and mantras. Together, we can co-create a meditation practice that works for you.

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