Yoga Sessions for Wedding and Celebration Events

by Keith Fraley
Yoga Sessions for Wedding and Celebration Events

Sacred Yoga and Ceremonies For Celebratory Events

Wedding Showers – Engagement Parties – Wedding Day

(2 hours) $150 – $250

I believe that life’s big events call for sacredness. They call for deeper connections. I create sacred ceremonies that combine yoga, meditation, sound healing, homa fire ceremony and more with the purpose of unifying, experiencing each other and above all celebrating the event. Imagine celebrating your birthday, coming of age, wedding, bridal shower or a new baby in a circle gathering of your dearest friends and family, and being guided through movement, sound and stillness to sync your hearts. 

My sacred ceremonies are fully customizable. They include all or a selection of the following. 

  • Customized yoga practice of your choice: restorative, gentle, yin or kundalini yoga.
  • Meditation and breath-work (pranayam)
  • Crystal sound bowl  healing for chakra balancing and groundedness.
  • Essential oils for emotional, physical and spiritual balance.
  • Ceremonial circle with intention setting, anointing essential oil, oracle cards, smudging and chanting. 
  • Fire ceremony for cleansing, spiritual empowerment, unity and blessings.


What’s included 

Yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, and ceremonial supplies for the circles.


Basic celebrational gatherings start at $150 for two hours for up to five people. Each additional person is $20. Additional requests time and other activities during gatherings can be requested. 


Bring your friends and family together to celebrate life’s big events or to simply gather in ceremony to experience oneness with each other. Any special occasion can be celebrated with a sacred ceremony. 

Bridal Shower & Weddings

Celebrate the pre-wedding with an intentional and inspiring gathering with your girlfriends. I will customize a sacred ceremony for you and your friends to help make this journey one of love and grace. Gatherings are unforgettable and always divinely inspired.

Blessingway Ceremonies 

A woman becoming a mother for the first time or once again is a special time to shower the her with blessings and love. A blessingway ceremony is a gathering of women to honor the mother, share stories of strength and grace, and shower her with support. Each blessingway ceremony is customized for the group and guided by spirit. 

Coming of Age 

Coming of age sacred ceremonies celebrate the rite of passage of a girl to womanhood at the first menstruation. These ceremonies instill a deep level of support and joy as they are welcomed into the world with the passing on of wisdom from close family and friends. 


Make this birthday a memorable event by celebrating it in sacred space with a circle of your closest friends and family. I create birthday ceremonies that include yoga, meditation, sound healing, candle lighting ritual and more. 


Sacred ceremonies can be created for other life events including divorce, baby shower, as well as others that spark your imagination. 

Areas Available for Yoga Sessions Include:

  • Tampa Bay
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Clearwater
  • Orlando* Additional travel charges may apply
  • Miami* Additional travel charged may apply

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