Sound Healing

by Aiyana Fraley
Sound Healing

What Is A Gong Bath?

A gong bath is an ancient healing method that creates vibrational frequencies that move energy in our body providing a relaxing experience. The sound of the gong resonates deeply with our body and leads us into a meditative state where the body and mind can release tension, energetic blocks and elevate our consciousness.

What Is Crystal Sound Healing?

Crystal Sound Healing is an alternative therapy that promotes balance in the body through the use of sound created using crystal singing bowls and tuning forks. It is a form of vibrational healing that affects our bodies on a cellular level. Every living thing on our planet emits a vibration or frequency including our body, which is made up of a system of energy channels that emit vibrations. The flow of energy through these channels is interconnected with our physiological systems. Blockages in these channels affect our emotional, mental and physical well-being. Crystal sound healing restores our natural frequencies and corrects these imbalances while providing deep relaxation and stress relief.

Benefits From Sound Healing

Aiyana Fraley private and group gong and crystal sound bowl meditation.

Provides Stress Relief

Pain Relief

Balances Right & Left Hemispheres Of The Brain

Restores Your Natural Frequency

Promotes Restful Sleep & Aids Body In Aligning With Natural Sleep Pattern

Releases Blocked Energy & Promotes Flow of Prana

Provide Deep Meditative Experience

Restores Emotional Balance

Deep Relaxation

Promotes Well-Being

Ability To Alter Consciousness

What To Expect

Clients who have had crystal sound healing or a gong bath feel deeply relaxed, calm and rested. Most report that they sleep better, feel less stressed and have greater awareness of their health and emotional state.

Who Can Receive Sound Healing

Anyone can receive crystal sound healing including pregnant women. The treatment can be done lying on the floor, on a massage table or on a recliner. A gong bath has a deep resonance in the body and can be overwhelming for a pregnant woman. However, a lightly played gong can be relaxing and very beneficial. As with any massage or healing service, it is advisable to consult with a physician if there are complications related to the pregnancy.

Important Aftercare Instructions

Drink Plenty of Water – 6-8 Glasses a Day
Eat Fruits and Vegetables
Avoid Processed Foods like Cereal, Pasta, Breads, Crackers, Cookies etc.
Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol
Reduce Refined Sugar Intake
Get Restful Sleep
Meditate for 3 to 20 Minutes a Day
Journal What You Experience
Avoid Strenuous Activity, Loud Music, and Watching Violent or Argumentative Shows or Movies on TV for 3-5 Days

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