6 Essential Oils To Awaken Your Intuition

by Aiyana Fraley
aiyana fraley meditation

“You know the truth by the way it feels.”

Intuition is our ability to perceive beyond our five physical senses. It is our sixth sense but in relation to our soul it is our innate sense. We are naturally intuitive beings. When we are children, the voice of our intuition is like a loudspeaker. As we go through life, we are conditioned to dismiss our gut feeling.

The more we disregard our inner knowing the quieter it gets and over time some of us have a hard time hearing it at all. It doesn’t mean that we’ve lost our sixth sense, but like any muscle in our body it becomes underdeveloped. Our gut feeling is our natural ability to perceive without having any logical or physical evidence to support it. We know because we know. It is trusting that what we feel and are guided towards is the best path for us.

We strengthen our intuition through meditation and prayer. Quiet time with ourselves and communication with our higher power strengthens our soul’s relationship with the divine and our intuition in the process. We can also use spiritual tools like essential oils to put us on the fast track to experiencing our sixth sense.

Through my research and experience, I have found six essential oils that can help us align with our soul and open our intuitive channels. These have been used in spiritual practices throughout the ages and are known for opening the doors to our imagination and clairvoyant perception.

Use one or a combination of these essential oils in your meditation to begin opening your intuitive nature. I created an Intuition Essential Oil Blend and Meditation practice that shows you how to do it. I suggest wearing the intuition blend as your perfume to have the benefits of it all day.

Essential Oils To Enhance Your Intuition

  1. Clary Sage is the oil of vision. It has been used spiritually to lift the veil to the third eye opening channels for clairvoyance and sight through intuitive knowing. This essential oil lifts darkness and assists one through emotional crises. It brings clarity, discernment and expansion to the brow chakra.
  2. Frankincense strengthens the connection of the spirit with the divine. It breaks down the walls created from past emotional pain and allows light in. Known as the oil of truth, it brings enlightenment, protection from negative energy and restores the soul’s connection to the creator. This oil is associated with the crown chakra.
  3. Sandalwood opens the soul to higher consciousness through devotion. This essential oil assists one through spiritual awakening when used in prayer and devotional practices like meditation and ritual. It helps an individual release attachments and align with the divine.
  4. Melissa oil aids an individual through spiritual liberation. Known as the oil of inner light, it uplifts the spirit, attracts high vibrational energy, inspires happiness and optimism. Melissa connects us with our inner grace and our true purpose in life.
  5. Rose oil heals the heart, opens the channels to giving and receiving love, and raises the energetic frequency of the heart chakra which is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Rose, the oil of divine love, attracts compassion, empathy and love. It returns an individual to oneness with the divine.
  6. Roman Chamomile guides an individual to their true purpose in life. It quiets the mind and allows the soul to speak through inner knowing. It is an essential oil that cleanses the spirit, protects against psychic attacks and can deepen divine connection when used in meditation.

Essential oils carry high vibrations to assist the mind, body and soul in healing. They are additional tools that can help us reach deeper levels of ourselves and create a peaceful experience that helps us embrace the changes life throws our way.  

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