Our Dreams Are Stronger Than Our Fears

by Aiyana Fraley
Yoga at the beach makes me happy
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” Oscar Wilde
I spent my 20’s in fear of doing what I love because I felt pressure to follow the “secure” path that society poses for us. To take a career that will be financially stable. I was told by many, including those in the massage profession, that massage was a five year career so use it to get through school and have a plan b. I felt myself torn inside and it ate away at me, and manifested as anxiety in my body. When I finally woke up to my life, took ownership of it and decided I can and will do what is right for me no matter what the paycheck looks like, Spirit showed up and supported me gracefully.
I used to be a chemistry major in college. I was three courses away from graduating with my BS in chemistry from FIU and I walked away from it. My family and friends thought I was crazy. They said just finish you’ve come this far, one more semester won’t kill you. But yes it would have and that’s why I stopped hurting myself by going against what every cell in my body was telling me not to do. I took a semester off and returned to school with a plan to register for classes that inspired me. I did that for an additional two years and it ended up being a major in anthropology and women’s studies. That time gave me what I needed to heal myself and start again.
All the while I was working full time as a massage therapist and going to school. I loved my job and it took me time to realize that it wasn’t just a job and it wasn’t just a career. It’s who I am. I share this because in life we are going to be faced with decisions and on one side we are going to have a choice that appears safe and on the other we are going to have the one that if nothing else mattered we would do it in a heart beat choice. Please choose the latter one. We are only guaranteed this life, so let’s live it the way we want and forget about what everyone else says or thinks. Do it for you. 

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Bern September 28, 2019 - 10:11 pm

Sage advice from life experience.


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