Harness The Energy Of The Full Moon: Kundalini Yoga, Crystals & Oils

by Aiyana Fraley
crystals charging with full moon

Supermoon November 2016

Need to break a negative pattern or shake off some funk? Use the energy of the full moon to help you do it. Embrace the power of the full moon with moon water, crystals and kundalini yoga.

Moon water is water that is charged by the energy of the moon on a full moon or supermoon. The moon has various phases – crescent, gibbous, waxing and waning. Each phase of the moon carries with it a different energy and it’s strongest during the fullmoon. A supermoon is a full or new moon when it’s closer to earth. Energetically, the full moon is an amplifier. What you feel, what you think and project, and what you do is magnified. This goes both ways for negative and positive thoughts, emotions and behavior. If you have negative self talk, it will become louder. If you are vibrantly optimistic, you will be more so. If you want change or to attract more positivity into your life, this is the best time to put it out there. The closer the moon to the earth (and us) the more amplified the effects of it.

I have found three effective ways to harness the power of the moon and benefit from it for days, even weeks.

Moon Water With Essential Oils

  1. Fill a jar or bucket with purified water or spring water and place it outside under the moonlight. Preferably in a spot that gets full light without obstruction. If you cannot place your jar outside, put it near a window.
  2. Leave it overnight to collect the energy of the moon.
  3. Collect your moon water the next morning for use.

You are now ready to use your moon water. Here are a few ways to do it.

  • Consuming Moon Water: You can drink it by taking a few sips a day or you can use it for tea or making food.  
  • Moon Water & Essential Oils Sprays: I like creating body sprays and room cleansing sprays with moon water to use to clear my aura and negativity from the room.  Take your moon water and put in a spray bottle. Add frankincense, sandalwood and geranium essential oils to your spray 1-2 drops of each. Shake and spray. Patchouli, lavender, and cypress are good oils for energetic cleansing too.
  • Moon Water Bath: Add some moon water into a tub filled with warm water. In addition add about 5 drops of your favorite essential oil and some dried chamomile or lavender petals or leaves. 

Charging Crystals

crystals charging with full moon

Crystals absorb energy like a sponge. Placing your crystals under the moon on a full moon will not only charge them but cleanse them.

  1. Clean your crystals with water by rinsing them. Use rain water if you have it or purified spring water.
  2. Activate your crystals with an intention. You may want to activate some for healing and others for love. Whatever your intention, place that energy into your crystals.
  3. Lay them outside in an area with a clear view of the moon and on a natural surface like the earth or bark, if available.
  4. Allow them to collect the moon’s energy overnight.
  5. They will be ready for use the next morning.

Kundalini Meditation

Antar Naad Mudra Meditation for Full Moon

Meditating on a full moon helps you balance your emotions, center yourself, and manifest your desires. A kundalini meditation that is very effective in harnessing the power of the full moon is the Antar Naad Mudra Meditation (Kabadshe Meditation). It is said to bring prosperity, creativity, protect you from attacks, and open your chakras. This version of the meditation should only be done on a full moon. 

Instructions ForAntar Naad Mudra Meditation:




Chant for 11 minutes.

  1. Sit in easy pose with your chin slightly in (gentle jalandar bandh)
  2. Bring palms together in prayer and open them up into lotus. In lotus, your little fingers and thumbs are touching the same finger on the opposite hand and your fingers are open creating the shape of a blossoming flower.
  3. As you chant Sa Ray Sa Sa move the palms up toward the level of your forehead or third eye. Go at a pace that will move your hands up to the third eye center by the first “Rang” in the chant. 
  4. Begin to move your hands in reverse prayer (down) ending at the the navel on the second “Rang”.

You can play the mantra while you chant along. I listen to the version by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa.

Practice these three ways to use the moon’s energy for your prosperity with intention. Believe it and project it from your heart.



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