January 2022 New and Full Moon Ritual

by Aiyana Fraley
January Wolf Moon

January Wolf Moon

This moon gains its name from howls of wolves that are often heard at this time of year from deep in the forests. For those of us who live the urban life, we can connect with the spirit of the wolf which offers intelligence and sharp instincts. Being the first month of our calendar, these moons clear the way for new paths and a fresh start. 

New Moon in Capricorn – January 2, 2022

Unlike most new year’s resolutions that are made with all the good intentions and then taper off after a few weeks, the energy of this new moon in Capricorn says otherwise. The die hard work ethics of Capricorn can renew your motivations for setting new year goals and fueling you up to steer straight toward them. On the flip side, don’t let yourself get caught up in the material gains that you lose sight of the journey. Make realistic goals that won’t leave you drained but will keep you motivated to move forward. Commit, work hard toward your goals, and take a breath to enjoy the scenery while you’re there. 

Full Moon in Cancer – January 17, 2022

This full moon in Cancer will be a powerful force at tapping into our emotional core. Feelings may be stirred and raw with this moon. Give yourself the space to feel and release them. Cry, yell into a pillow, punch it out in a kickboxing class or run it out. The heightened sensitivity can lend itself to being triggered. Keeping grounded will help balance this out and keep your window of intuition open during this time. This is peak time for a cleanse of the past that will allow for the renewing energies of this cycle to seep in. Don’t resist the emotions that want to surface, instead meet them with a hello and thank you. 

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Moon Rituals: Dear Me Letter

Set yourself up in a relaxed area of your home or if you live in a warm climate you may want to try this outdoors. Heat water on your stove and make a nourishing tea for yourself. Next, gather a piece of paper, pen and envelope. For this moon ritual, which can be done on the new moon or full moon, you will write a letter to yourself that will be opened on winter solstice, December 21st, 2022.

The letter will be about your dreams, your visions for the year, what you hope to leave behind, and what you hope to learn and grow into. You will also include a list of things your are proud of about yourself and love about yourself. Don’t forget this last part, it’s the most important. You don’t know where you will be on December 21st and what challenges you would have gone through in the year. Reading this can change everything for you.

Writing this letter is about transcending time and space. The You of today is speaking to the You of tomorrow. What if I told you they both exist at the same time and writing this letter is already connecting you to that part of you who is where you want to be. You’re already there. Let’s make writing this as easy as, Dear Me, I just want to give you a heads up on what our heart is speaking of today…. [add your visions, dreams, goals here]. And by they way you are an amazing human….[add all the things you are most proud of and love about yourself here].

This is just an example. Lean into your intuition and let the words flow. Once you’re done, fold the letter and place it in the envelope. Seal it and on the outside address it to yourself with the date December 21st, 2022. Leave the envelope by the moonlight on a window ceil to gather energy. Bless it, pray on it, and the next morning file it away.

Place it in a filing cabinet or a place where it won’t get lost. Add a reminder to your phone to open the letter on that date and maybe leave a note on where to find it. This letter plants the seeds that will be nourished and cared for throughout the year.

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