The Reiki Prosperity Box & Meditation That Helped Me Manifest My Dreams

by Aiyana Fraley
manifestation wishlist, crystals and coins for reiki prosperity box

A prosperous life is more than financial success and wealth. It is having a mindset that thrives even in the most doubtful of circumstances. Sure, having money to spare is nice but how many people do you know who have “money” and are unhappy? Plenty, right.

A prosperous life starts with an attitude of gratitude. It is this kind of thinking that attracts more of the good things we have into our lives that creates a life of abundance. Our thoughts become our reality and our actions become a vacuum to what we receive. Practicing gratitude is living in true synchronicity with the Universe.

From my own experience, when I was in a state of frustration and anger about my life not going the way I wanted I became stuck. Those feelings didn’t change anything. Instead, they gave me more of the same and made me unhappy. I got out of that funk when I started to live in accordance with the law of attraction. I didn’t have the job I wanted, but I had a job and I gave thanks everyday that I had it and was able to pay my bills, purchase my home, pay off my car and afford to do the things I did love like yoga and going on weekend vacations.

The more I showed gratitude for the good things I had in my life the more I received. I started practicing reiki for prosperity during this time which helped me even further by giving me the strength and confidence to make changes in my life that would put me on track to living the life I envisioned. In less than a year, I had the life I wanted. Every single thing I had prayed for, meditated on and placed on my altar was manifested. I AM serious about this. Everything I envisioned about my life became my reality.

reiki prosperity box on altarI started to work for myself and despite the fears of job security I had and was cautioned on I was able to financially support myself and even invest further in my business and education. I met my husband and attracted friends into my life that supported my goals. I became part of a vibrant community of healers who embraced me with open arms. It was everything I wanted and more.

My prosperous life was there all along waiting to be tapped into. I am sharing this with you in hope that you too can gain from my experience in creating a prosperous life for yourself.

I created a reiki ritual using a prosperity box that works with the law of attraction to amplify intentions for a prosperous and abundant life. I practiced this almost daily for about a year, but you don’t have to wait that long to start seeing the results. It can start in as little as 21 days. Instructions on how to do it are below. Similar to vision boards and New Year’s resolutions, these practices put you in a position to accept positive opportunities in your life. You have to put in the effort to make it happen. 

Keep at it, stay positive and consistent with this practice. The Universe is on your side and waiting to help you. Open your heart and let it in. I’m with you on this journey and routing for your success the whole way.

How To Make A Reiki Prosperity Box

items to place in reiki prosperity box

The first part of this reiki ritual is creating a symbolic representation of what you want to manifest in your life. I did that by creating a reiki prosperity box where I placed items that helped me attract my intentions, gave me a focal point for my meditations and kept me accountable in my day-to-day. This reiki prosperity box has evolved over time to include specific crystals and numbers that amplify our goals and bring us in alignment with the divine forces that work behind the scenes in our lives.

For instance, I now use eight crystals and eight coins. The number 8 represents prosperity and abundance. It is the symbol of infinity and attracts limitless possibilities. It also reminds us of the infinite being within. This is a powerful number used to empower manifestations and is why I have included it.

Here are the materials you’ll need to make your own reiki prosperity box.

What you’ll need

The next thing you’ll do is prepare the contents that will go into your reiki prosperity box.

reiki prosperity box

    1. Small box
      • You can purchase a small box at a craft store, crystal shop or repurpose a cardboard box that you can decorate using your own imagination.
    2. Manifestation wishlist
    3. Large bill ($20 or higher is best)
    4. Eight coins
      • If traveling is one of your goals, collect coins from the countries you want to visit and place them in your reiki prosperity box instead. Ask around, you’ll be surprised how many friends can help you collect them from their own travels.
    5. Eight crystals of the following combination or all of the same
      • Citrine – a yellow stone that aids in manifestation and creation.  It cleanses our aura of negative energy and grounds us. More so it attracts positivity and success, which makes it an excellent stone to have in our prosperity box.
      • Aventurine – a green crystal that brings luck and optimism. This stone attracts wealth, opportunities and abundance. It also removes negative patterns giving us the confidence to transform our lives.
      • Clear Quartz – a clear stone that cleanses, amplifies and heals. It enhances our communication, clarifies our thoughts and elevates our energy into the sixth and seventh chakras. This stone will assist in maintaining clarity in our intentions and strengthens them.
    6. Print the 5 Reiki Principles and place them in the box.
    7. Collect and add any lucky totems, charms and stones you hold dear.

Activate Your Reiki Prosperity Box

Manifestation Wishlist in reiki prosperity box

  1. Reiki Prosperity Box Prep. Once you have placed all of the contents listed above in your reiki prosperity box, you’ll activate your box with reiki energy using the following meditation.
  2. Activate Box With Reiki. Send reiki energy to the box, which represents your intentions and goals. If you know the reiki symbols, mentally visualize the CKR and SHK symbols over your prosperity box or draw them with your hands. Channel the energy and envision light surrounding your box (intentions).
  3. Perform Self Reiki.
  4. Prosperity Meditation. Sit is easy pose or in a chair in a comfortable position. Eyes are closed. Take your awareness inward. Take long and deep breaths. Follow the breath as it goes in on the inhale and out on the exhale. Once you are relaxed, begin to visualize the intentions on your Manifestation Wishlist. Visualization is a powerful tool in the law of attraction. If you can see it, you can attract it into your life. If a new love is on your wishlist, envision that person, their characteristics, age, color of their eyes and hair, their personality, their mannerisms and so on. Same goes for the job you want, people you want to surround yourself by or any other desire on your wishlist. The clearer you are the more powerful this exercise will be for you. Spend several minutes in this meditation. Once you are done, bring your hands into prayer position for the next step – expressing gratitude.
  5. Gratitude. Give thanks for what you do have in your life. I make a mental list of the things I am grateful for. For example, I mentally say, “Thank you for my family, my health, my pets, the car I drive, for keeping me safe, for my home and the food that nourishes my body.” Customize this to your life and speak from your heart. Maintain your eyes closed and hands in prayer position to move into the next step.
  6. Ask and You Shall Receive. Ask your higher power, reiki spirit guides or the Universe to assist in elevating your wishes into fruition. Once you have completed this, open your eyes and start with your affirmations.
  7. Affirmation. Take a moment to read the 5 Principles of Reiki and your Manifestation Wishlist out loud three times to magnify the intention. The number three is an angelic number that represents growth and connection with ascended masters.
  8. Cultivate Connection. Connect with the crystals, coins and other contents within the box by gazing at them, holding them or thinking about them.
  9. Repeat this meditation exercise daily for the next 21 days.

I remember feeling my goals getting closer to me the more I practiced this. I noticed them trickling in slowly and before I knew it I was living it. I opened my reiki prosperity box a year later and read my Manifestation Wishlist. As I went through the checklist one by one, my smile got bigger and bigger. I cried in happiness when I realized it was all taken care of. It was a moment of complete faith and understanding in the process. This is what bliss feels like, I thought.

I have faith that your life will unfold in a positive way through this practice. Blessings and love to you on this journey.

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Yvonne Moulton May 22, 2019 - 7:18 am

love this article thank you

Aiyana Fraley May 22, 2019 - 9:22 pm

Thanks Yvonne, I appreciate your feedback!

Marisa Villarreal June 17, 2019 - 11:53 pm

Do you have to be reiki certified in order to make the prosperity box and complete the meditaion?

Aiyana Fraley June 26, 2019 - 2:21 am

That’s a great question. My short answer is no and here’s why. Reiki energy is available to everyone because it is Universal Life Force and it exists in all living and non-living things on our planet. Being reiki certified simply means that you received an attunement and your chakras were open up to tune into this frequency. I do recommend that you receive an attunement if you want to work with reiki energy. However, having the intention behind your practice whether that is your meditation, creating a reiki box or simply placing your hands on your heart and feeling love is the most important thing. And that intention will connect you with reiki energy with or without an attunement. I hope this help 🙂

Jiitenko Son November 4, 2021 - 12:51 am

Thank you so much for sharing this, it’s exactly what I was looking for! I really appreciate your content that is so aligned with my spirituality, and you’re an inspiration to me on my Reiki path.

Aiyana Fraley January 2, 2022 - 12:54 pm

Thank you for reading and I’m glad it made a difference for you.


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